• July 31, 2019 11:48 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Minneapolis Parks are planning improvements to the parks in Southwest. Several meetings are scheduled in August to give you a chance to review the plans and offer feedback.

    SW Parks Plan project

  • July 15, 2019 5:48 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We're excited to announce that Hell Bent Fitness is offering an exclusive offer to members of SWBA. Find access to this and other additional benefits when you log-in.

  • June 28, 2019 2:55 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Minimum Wage

    Effective Now

    Minimum wage increase schedule

    The minimum wage in Minneapolis is scheduled to increase on July 1 each year through 2024. Two increase schedules are in force. The first for small employers, designated as those with 100 or fewer employees. The other for those with more than 100 employees.

    The City's Department of Civil Rights oversees enforcement of the municipal minimum wage. The city provides information on the ordinance and requirements.

    More Information

  • June 21, 2019 8:53 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    One of the outcomes of the 2019 session is a new wage theft law with portions that impact all employers across Minnesota beginning July 1. Businesses of all sizes and locations  across the State are subject to the new law.

    One provision you need to be aware of and prepare for is a new employee noticing requirement taking effect July 1 for all new employees. In addition, employers have new requirements for information to be placed on employee earning statements, additional record keeping mandates, and clarifications relating to when employees should be paid.

    See the attached for a digest of the July 1 requirements from the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry. To review all your obligations under the law visit

    Please feel free to disseminate this information any and all employers. For additional information contact the Southwest Business Association at (612) 823-3472 or

    Wage Theft Law Checklist For Requirements Beginning July 1, 2019

     New Employee Notices For All New Employees
     Additions to Information Required On Earnings Statements
     New Record Keeping Requirements
     Wage and Commission Payment Clarifications
     Non-Retaliation Provisions

    * This is not an all encompassing list of requirements and employers should review guidance from the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry for specific requirements at

    This summary was provided to us in partnership with the MN Retailers Association. They've put together a detailed summary for us. 

    MNRA Summary

  • May 31, 2019 1:55 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Open Streets Lyndale is this Sunday. Jessica will be walking the district to promote member offerings through the event. If you have timed activities, please email or text her the details ASAP so we can cover those for you!

    Nicollet Open Streets isn't too far away, and is the longest running Open Streets event. Please check into participation early and make the most of this event that brings thousands of visitors down our street. If you need help with planning or have questions about participation, Jessica is here to help!

    Then there are all the events in between, put on by our neighborhood associations. They will be looking for event sponsors and are usually open to requests and suggestions from local businesses. Interested in participating? Let Jessica know and she can share details about each of the neighborhood events and put you in contact with planners.

  • May 31, 2019 1:43 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Thank you to all the owners who joined us for our meeting with City officials regarding business inspections. We had great discussion with leadership and shared our concerns regarding current practices.

    This is the first step in building a stronger relationship with city departments that perform business inspections. The goal is to build a foundation of trust and openness in order to improve the process and outcome for both our businesses, the city, and the public as a whole.

    Of particular interest was that fact that Health Inspection Supervisors noted that a business can request an inspector to come back later in the week if they stop by at a particularly difficult time. A perfect example of being in the middle of butchering a whole pig when the inspector arrives came up, as it is counter-productive to leave the work sit while walking through with the inspector.

    Additionally, many business owners were not aware that they are not required to walk with the inspector on their walkthrough, although the practice is encouraged as many issues can be addressed on the spot or the inspector can offer education and suggestions to prevent future issues.

    If you encounter a situation relating to an inspection (fire, health, etc.) that you feel needs to be addressed, please reach out to the Regulatory Affairs Committee for review. The group has helped on an as needed basis with inspection requests, and uses these situations to determine key areas to seek improvements in the city process.

  • May 31, 2019 1:39 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We've received very strong responses to our notice that another round of Facade Grant funding is available. Wait much longer and you might be on the waiting list instead of in the initial group of recipients. Find more information on our grants in our resources section:

    Facade Grants

  • May 31, 2019 1:29 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    In addition to the Advocacy, Marketing, Networking and Education services SWBA offers, the association also seeks out member-exclusive discounts and benefits to help you reduce costs and retain employees. 

    Over the past year, the association has added exclusive discounts at Office Depot, Adobe Software, and Hotel & Entertainment offerings. We are very excited to announce that this summer we're added exclusive access to a suite of supplemental insurance benefits that can save you and your business and provide you access to options not accessible on your own! 

    This means that even single-operator businesses will have access to insurance benefits that can save you money and time throughout the year. Whether you're on a spousal plan with a high-deductible, or are struggling to find a way to get an edge on your competitors for employee retention, there is likely to be something in this package that will fit your needs to a T. Packages are customized for each member business, and can be implemented with minimal to no additional cost to you as the business owner. 

    Coverage options include (but are not limited to) Dental, Vision, 24/7 Online Doctor Network, Accident & Injury, Short-Term Disability and so much more.

    Please contact our Coordinator Jessica Reinhardt if you would like to learn more about this new benefit. Details will be available soon!

    Log-In to Visit our Benefits Page to Access Your Benefits Now!

  • May 31, 2019 1:24 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Business throughout Southwest has been impacted by the 35W construction project, and there is still a long way to go. With the 35th and 36th St ramps closed, traffic has intensified along Nicollet, and customers not living in the immediate area have been more prone to avoid a visit. 

    Original plans would have permanently closed the 46th St ramps for a year on top of the closures 10 blocks north. Thankfully, the planners on the 35W project have been responsive to communication, and will now only be closing 46th ramps sporadically as needed - and likely over night and weekend timing when traffic is generally lighter.

    SWBA is in contact with the project planners. If you have a specific concern that the construction crews can address, please reach out to us, or directly to the MNDot staff. We'll do our best to help you.

    Image result for 35w construction

  • May 31, 2019 1:16 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Annual Meeting attendees had the pleasure of meeting and hearing from our newest Inspector at the 5th Precinct, Amelia Huffman. Inspector Huffman shared Precinct priorities and took questions from the audience, learning about some of the more pressing concerns from the business community. We look forward to a good working relationship with our new Inspector in the time to come. If you have a concern, please let the SWBA know as well as the precinct as we help monitor, notify and address crime and safety issues impacting our businesses through our Regulatory Affairs Committee.

    5th Precinct Inspector Amelia Huffman

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