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Our organization has divided up the workload of making a difference for our small businesses into a core structure of five committees. Three committees manage the operations and integrity of the association. The remaining committees are dedicated to addressing legislative issues and managing membership engagement and interactions. Within this members-only section of our site, you can track committee work, access members-only resources and content, and engage with the leadership. If you have any questions, know you can always call or email our staff at info@experiencesouthwest.com or 612-823-3472. 

Committee Overview

Membership Committee

Membership recruitment and retention is the base of a strong and active association. Our membership committee works to ensure we are responsive to the needs of our membership, and that we are offering a strong value and active relationship with our members.

Regulatory Affairs Committee

Advocacy is a primary mission of the association. Our regulatory affairs committee works with members and respective governments to address regulations, requirements, controls, mandates affecting member businesses.

Governance Committee

The health of the organization is largely influenced by the actions and activities of the Board of Directors and Staff. Their actions and activities are subject to the parameters set forth in the bylaws of the association. The Governance Committee is tasked with oversight of all board decisions/actions, charters, and bylaws to ensure the organization performs as it has committed.

Finance Committee

Members make an annual investment in the Association, and the Board has a fiduciary responsibility to the membership. The Finance Committee monitors and manages all aspects of finances for the association, working to ensure we are maximizing your contributions.

Audit Committee

With multiple activities and actions happening across the organization, the Audit Committee concentrates on regular verification of compliance and effectiveness of association controls, from grant administration and financial audits to security concerns and vendor relationships.

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